Part Loaders and Systems

Warren Parts Loaders... Flexibility and Increased Productivity. Warren offers the largest selection of parts loading equipment available. These units are available with a wide variety of options which allow maximum flexibility in your manufacturing process. Warren parts loaders are built tough with a simple, straightforward design that provides years of trouble-free operation.

Warren parts loaders are ideally suited for today's cellular manufacturing environments, can load a wide variety of equipment such as any machine with a feeder bowl, parts washers, high-speed sorting equipment, numerical control grinders and lathes, heat treating furnaces, and feed hoppers.

Warren patented steel conveyor.

All Warren parts loaders are built using the patented, closed frame steel conveyor system which is designed to eliminate the problems associated with parts jamming in the conveyor. This eliminates costly downtime and the potential for damage to the conveyor. This unique design allows us to use a straight up (5Q) mast design which results in a savings of valuable floor space.

UNLOAD HEIGHT: Dimension "A"
Model 15 Degree Standard 30 Degree Optional 45 Degree Optional
WL-1036 37.15 34.75 27.90
WL-1051 51.38 49.00 42.10
WL-1056 60.56 58.19 51.31
WL-1066 67.53 65.16 58.28
WL-1072 72.00 69.63 62.75
WL-1079 79.00 76.63 69.75
WL-1084 84.8 82.43 75.55


87.50 80.63
WL-1100 99.22 96.85 89.97
WL-1108 112.00 109.63 102.75
WL-1128 127.00 124.63 117.75
WL-1138 139.50 137.12 130.25
Note: It heights other than those listed are required, please call for a quotation.


Bucket width:

  • Single wide unit - 10"
  • Double wide unit - 20"

Hopper width/volume:

  • Single wide unit
    • (standard) - 30"/6 Cu. Ft.
    • (optional) - 18-1/4"/3 Cu. Ft.
    • (optional) - 48"/12 Cu. Ft.
  • Double wide unit
    • (standard) - 48"/12 Cu. Ft.

Load Height (standard):

  • 3 Cu. Ft. Hopper - 25"
  • 6 Cu. Ft. Hopper - 35"
  • 12 Cu. Ft. Hopper - 35"/40"
  • Custom heights available upon request.


  • Single phase 110/120 v., 50 or 60 Hz


  • 95° mast for space conservation.
  • Totally enclosed steel buckets -parts won't ride along guides, eliminating gauling and jamming.
  • DC variable speed control with torque limiter.
  • Buckets are 1/8" thick steel, 3/8" diameter steel pivot shafts.
  • All sealed ball bearings, no nylon bushings.
  • Removable oil and chip pan in bottom for good housekeeping.
  • All bearings and adjustments are external for easy maintenance.
  • Choice of single or double width conveyor models to fit part size and application requirements.
  • Standard 15 degree discharge chute.
  • Standard 6 Cu. Ft. Hopper.
  • Heavy gauge, welded steel construction.
  • Machine tool quality.

Warren offers a wide variety of auxiliay loading and feeding equipment.

Custom manufactured tub elevators and dumpers can be designed to meet your exact specifications.

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