Parts Sorting

Warren Industries offers a broad range of economical sorting equipment designed to operate independently or function as an integral part of a cellular manufacturing application.

Our products range from vibratory bowls to high-speed roller sorters and non-contact vision inspection systems.

Warren parts sorting equipment is available with a wide variety of standard and optional features allowing you to match the equip­ment to your specific needs.

Warren Vibratory Bowl Parts Sorters

Warren vibratory bowl sorters are ideally suited for applications where parts need to be sorted by length.

These units can be integrated into stand-alone or cellular manufacturing systems.Setup is quick and easy with simple adjustments for the part length.

Optional features:
  1. Feed hopper with integral part level control
  2. Warren loaders
  3. Special stands
  4. Roller sorters for major diameter

Warren Portable Roller Sorters

Warren Roller Sorters are designed to provide an economical way to sort good or desired parts from mixed batches by major part diameter. Warren Portable Roller Sorters are designed using precision ground, hardened steel rollers for maximum durability. The unique, integral elevation adjustment allows the operator to control part throughput levels to meet the needs of the application.

Warren Portable Roller Sorters are designed for quick and easy setup and part changeover. Conveniently located thumb screws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the setting for diameter. The part deflector insures proper part orientation at the loading area which reduces the need for constant operator attention or parts jams. The acceptable parts are discharged from the front chute while the rejected parts are discharged through the side chute.