Parts Washers

Warren Industries offers a line of standard and custom-engineered parts washers that will meet the operational and environ­mental regulations facing manufacturers in today's marketplace. Warren Parts Washers are available with a wide range of standard and optional features to assure their compatibility with your washing requirements. These washers can also be adapted for special applications such as spraying wax-rust inhibitors, only washing, only drying, or hooked in tandem for a wash/rinse/dry.

Warren Mini Washer

Warren Auger Style Mini Washers help make the process of parts cleaning more time-efficient and cost-effective. Warren Mini Washers can function either as a "stand-alone" parts washer or in combi nation with a manufacturing cell — providing washed and dried parts without any additional material handling.

Warren Mini Washers utilize a patented, jam free auger style conveyor to move the parts through the wash chamber where a pressure-sprayed liquid soap solution removes the residue. Warren's state-of-the-art oil separation system helps to maintain a cleaner wash solution without the use of CFC-based solvents — allowing you to comply with the current environmental regulations. The temperature of the wash solution is maintained at approximately 125º by a thermostatically-controlled heating unit.

After the parts have been thoroughly washed, the drum-style auger moves them to an oven-style drying chamber before discharge. The drying heater is controlled by an adjustable thermostat that can be easily regulated by the operator Both the auger and the thermostat are adjustable to assure proper cleaning and drying.

Standard features for the WW-500 and the WW-750 Mini Washers:
  1. Patented jam free auger style conveyor system
  2. Variable speed drum control (0-16 RPM).
  3. Oil separation system for keeping wash solution clean.
  4. Thermostatically-controlled wash solution heater.
  5. Oven style dryer controlled by an adjustable thermostat.
  6. Easily accessible operator control panel.
Options available include:
  • Dual oil skimmer (tor the WW-500).
  • Special/custom augers.
  • Tandem units for the rinse cycle
  • A support table.
  • 2 cubic foot hopper.
Other custom features are available to meet your specific needs.
Model # WW-500 WW-750
Max. Part Length 3" 5"
Tank Capacity 25 or 50 Gallons 60 Gallons
Oil Separation Single Disk Dual Disk
Drive Motor Vari-Speed Vari-Speed
Wash Pump 1/4 HP 1/4 HP
Nozzles 5 7
Width 350 lbs. 450 lbs.
Rotation Vari-Speed 0-16 RPM

Warren Dual Washer

The Warren Dual Washer which will help make the process of washing, rinsing and drying much easier. This alternative cleaning system accomplishes the rinse cycle through the use of an additional tank attached under the existing washer. The pressure pump within this tank returns water to the washers drum in order to rinse the parts between the washing and drying phases.

Standard features of the Dual Washer:
  • Jam free auger style conveyor system.
  • Oil separation System to clean wash solution. Fifty gallon wash reservoir.
  • Carbon steel drum with 3/32" perforations. Wash solution heater which maintains a 125°T wash temperature.
  • Variable speed drive motor.

Warren Central Station Washer

The Warren Central Station Washer is a mulfi­functional cleaning system which can also be used for the tumbling, polishing and/or deburring of larger volumes of parts. The Central Station Washer has been designed to minimize floor space requirements and is ideally suited for large batch, high volume applications.

Standard features of the Central Station Parts Washer:
  • Cleaning barrel with a 4 cu capacity, constructed with a dodecagon-shape for optimal tumbling and polishing action during the cleaning cycle. (Can be used for debuning by turning off the cleaning fluid pump.)
  • Two high-speed pumps.
  • Two electric heaters capable of reaching and main-raining a 180t- 200)F wash temperature.
  • Adjustable wash and dry timers which allow the operator to select the proper cycle time for each operation.

Warren Tub Washer

After your parts have been thoroughly cleaned by either a Warren Mini Washer or a Warren Central Station Parts Washer, you want to make sure that the tub in which the parts were stored is washed as well.

The WTVV-20 Tub Washer has the capacity to dean any standard, palletized side open parts tub. The tub washer uses a heated liquid soap solution to remove residual oil and dirt from the tub sur­face. The WTW-20 Tub Washer is the quick and efficient way to clean your parts tubs with a normal cycle time of only five Minutes.

Other standard features include:
  • Skimmers to separate the oil from the soap solution
  • An automatic gate lift.
  • A counter-weighted hood for easier opening/closing.

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