Roll Threaders

Warren thread rollers are the most technologically advanced, easy to operate, and most durable and dependable thread rollers available today. Warren thread rollers offer more standard features and are available with a variety of optional components and equipment to meet your exact production requirements.

No other manufacturer gives you more value for your equipment dollar

Warren Thread Rollers...outstanding features - unparalleled performance:

  • Warren thread rollers are built to machine tool standards and are designed for ease of operation and operator convenience.
  • Exclusive patented feed-stop/trigger system ensures "skid free" starts.
  • Exclusive patented four-axis die adjustment and alignment system ensures "lap free parts."
  • Exclusive integral, ram mounted, pneumatic parts blow-off ensures positive part discharge.
  • Exclusive feed rail height adjustment system.
  • NC variable speed drive eliminates problems associated with sheaves, belts and transmissions common on competitive system designs.
  • Heavy-duty ram and ram pocket incorporates hardened steel wear plates on AMPCO bronze wear liners with integral recirculating coolant system.
  • Integral high-pressure lubrication system ensures consistent lubrication during operation. Standard low pressure shutoff protects against plugged lubrication system.
  • Positive hydraulic lock-down of sub-plates on WT-10, 20 & 30. Belleville washers on all other models.
  • WT-10, 20 & 30 includes hydraulic adjustment of feeder bowls.
  • Exclusive "Fast-Trac" customer service and support system with full technical support and training available.
  • Removable coolant tank can be easily moved to a remote location for cleaning. This standard feature eliminates the problems and mess associated with integrated tanks.

Positive Part Injection System & Patented Four-axis Setup Adjustment

Warren's exclusive, patented four-axis setup adjustment is the key to unmatched precision and lap free thread quality. This system incorpo­rates three sub-plates and a tilt block allowing precise positioning and alignment of the stationary die. Dial indicators located at each adjustment allows the operator to precisely align the die quickly and easily for each part change. This virtually eliminates lapping problems which are common to other types of machine designs.

Warren thread rollers are designed for maximum ease of operation and setup. Precision dial indicators are used to make adjustments to the patented four-axis die positioning system.


Die Match:

The bottom sub-plate allows adjustment of the first axis for die match. The bottom sub-plate is moved by an adjusting screw which features an integral graduated dial for precise adjustment.

Die Inclination (Finish Squeeze):

The top two sub-plates provide adjustment for the second axis which affects die inclination. Turning the adjusting screw causes the top two plates to position the leading edge of the stationary die. This adjustment determines the amount of penetration at the end of the rolling process.

Die Squeeze:

The third axis, which determines the die squeeze at the start of the rolling process, is accomplished by adjusting the position of the top sub-plate.

Die Tilt (Optional):

The fourth axis adjustment, mounted into the die tilt block, allows the die to be tilted for applications using tapered blanks.

Changeover & Part Rollback

Warren thread rollers are equipped with our unique feed-stop/trigger design to prevent multiple blanks entering the die at the same time. The combination feed-stop/trigger system controls blank forces at the rail tip ensuring that only one part at a time enters the die area. To eliminate the possibility of damage from "rollback" during high-speed operation, the swing-away keeper assures complete control and alignment of the blanks as they enter the die. Should a "rollback" occur the swing-away keeper is designed to automatically retract, preventing damage to the tooling. By combining these features with the industry's most versatile pusher arrangement, the Warren thread roller offers unchallenged ease of setup and the industry's most user friendly operation.

Another unique feature of all Warren thread rollers is the utilization of a 45 degree insertion angle. This exclusive design feature allows very high production speeds while maintaining absolute precision and blank control. As a result, Warren thread rollers eliminate "blank skid" during startup which is common with other thread rollers.

Spiral Thread Detection:

"Spiral threads" or "run-ups" are caused by parts not starting straight in the rolling dies.The optional Warren spiral head detection system detects the parts that rise as they advance along the stationary rolling die. It then shuts off the machine.

Feed Rail Features:

Warren offers a feed rail design which increases operator efficiency, minimizes setup time, provides consistent feed control and precise part movement throughout the feed cycle.

Blank Head Clearance Adjustment: (Standard)

The exclusive "flip-top" rail system is designed using a specially designed adjustment mechanism which allows the operator to quickly and accurately adjust the blank head clearance at both ends of the feed rails.

Clearing Jammed Feed Rail: (Standard)

Warren's unique "breakaway" rail system design allows the operator to easily access and clear the feed rail in the event of a jam caused by an out-of-spec blank.

Adjustable Rail Height: (Optional)

The height of both rails can be adjusted simultaneously using a single control lever with integral locknut.

Feed equipment for a total turnkey system

Warren offers the industry's broadest range of standard and custom engineered part feeding equipment and systems for use with Warren thread forming equipment. Every Warren integrated system is designed to incorporate the latest technology in both part feeding and thread forming to ensure maximum ease of operation and dependability under the most demanding operational circumstances. From Warren's patented Parts Loaders to the industry's most complete line of custom engineered Vibratory Feeder Bowls and In-Line Feed Systems, every aspect of each integrated system is supported by a dedicated customer service and support network to ensure optimum performance in your specific application.

Warren Vibratory Feeder Bowls:

Features – Standard and Optional

  • Fan rail, knife rail, and outside tooled design
  • Complete line of standard bowls, from 4" (101.6mm) 0 to 48" (1219.2mm) 0
  • Available in configurations for non-traditional parts
  • Shuttle escapements for sorting parts during orientation

Special Dual Bowl Configurations Available

  • Adaptable to special manufacturing requirements
  • Fast and easy changeover of dissimilar parts

Special Thread Rolling Applications

  • Bolt-on rail extensions for increased feed rail capacity
  • Interchangeable die cartridges for presetting dies
  • Above rail thread rolling capability

Linear Feed Systems

  • Designed as alternative to vibratory bowls for applications where part configurations makes vibratory bowls impractical
  • Ideal for oily or non-traditional part size feeding
  • Provide quick and easy setup and makes changeover a snap
  • Exclusive dual axis (horizontal/vertical) feed rail adjustment
  • Minimizes adjustment time during setup
  • Require minimum maintenance

Tube Feeders

  • Specially designed tube feed systems for a wide variety of port configurations and applications

Parts Loaders

  • Heavy-duty structural design
  • Closed frame conveyer system eliminates parts jamming
  • Available with a wide variety of heights and options (tub dumpers, dual discharge chutes and casters) for maximum flexibility
  • Ideally suited for today's cellular manufacturing
  • Used in conjunction with Warren feeder bowls, in-line feed systems, parts washers, high-speed sorting equipment and feed hoppers

Sound Enclosures

  • Custom designed sound enclosures available in a variety of materials to meet application requirements

High-Speed Assembler For SEMS:

Model WT-1000/WT-1500 Warren thread rollers coupled with the Warren-Linread Model BW-2400 Assembler... provide reliable, high-speed assembly of a wide variety of screw (or bolt) and washer combinations.

Time-Saving production improvement features to consider with the creatively designed features of the Warren-Linread Assembler, Model BW-2400, all engineered into one space saving, efficient package.

Reduced Setup: Minimal Tooling Required

This system provides total adjustability for reducing setup time. The integral 21" Vibratory Screw Blank Feeder has fully adjustable feed rails to provide maximum versatility and speed. Setup is accomplished quickly and requires only the adjustment of the screw blank fingers and the washer feed disc. If the screw blank diameter doesn't change, then you only change the washer feed disc.


  • 24-station rotary turret assembly
  • Washer feed system – vibratory
  • Size range – screw diameter no. 4 through 5/16" (M3 thru M8)
  • Screw length from 1/4" thru 1-1/4" (6mm thru 30mm)
  • Production speed is infinitely variable up to 500 units per minute, depending on washer type
  • Maximum washer diameter – 3/4" (19.05mm)
  • Standard electric's 115V, 60CY, 3PH
  • No washer – no blank sensor is standard

Thread Roller Specifications

Model WT-500 WT-1000 WT-1500
Die Requirement: "00" or "000" "0" or "00" 1015 or "0"
Screw Dia. Capacity: #0000 to #6-32 (3.55) #2 to #12 (5.49) #2 to 1/4" (6.35)
Blank Length: inches (mm) 90 to 1-1/4" (31.75) Up to 3" (76.20) Up to 3" (76.20)
Speed Range: 150 to 1100 ppm 90 to 1000 ppm 90 to 700 ppm
Die Pocket Depth: inches (mm) 1-1/8" (28.57) 3" (76.20) 3" (76.20)
Main Motor Drive: HP NC (kw) 2 HP A/C (1.4) 7-1/2 HP NC (5.25) 10 HP A/C (7.0)
Electrical: 230 V/3PH/60 Cycles 230 V/3PH/60 Cycles 230 V/3PH/60 Cycles
Shipping Wt. Lbs. (kilos approx.) 2800 (1260) 4500 (2025) 5500 (2475)
Outline Dimensions:
Height: inches (mm) 69" (1752.60) 68" (1727.20) 73" (1854.20)
Width: inches (mm) 36" (914.40) 56" (1422.40) 81" (2057.40)
Depth: inches (mm) 48" (1219.20) 52" (1320.80) 60" (1524)
Feeder-Stainless Steel (all vibratory)
included included included
* Variable frequency motors
** Outside tooled
Standard thread rolling practice applies when rolling maximum part diameters and lengths.
Model WT-10B WT-10 WT-20 WT-30
Die Requirement: 10 or 1015 10 or 1015 20 or 10 30 or 20
Screw Dia. Capacity: #6 to 5/16" (7.93) #6 to 5/16" (7.93) #6 to 3/8" (9.52) #6 to 1/2" (12.70)>
Blank Length: inches (mm) Up to 4" (101.60) Up to 6" (152.40) Up to 6" (152.40) Up to 6" (152.40)
Speed Range: 80 to 400 ppm Up to 500 ppm Up to 350 ppm Up to 250 ppm
Die Pocket Depth: inches (mm) 4-1/8" (104.77) 6" (152.40) 6" (152.40) 6" (152.40)
Main Motor Drive: HP A/C (kw) 20 HP A/C (14.0) 30 HP A/C* (21.0) 30 HP A/C* (21.0) 30 HP A/C* (21.0)
Electrical: 230 V/3PH/60 Cycles 460 V/3PH/60 Cycles 460 V/3PH/60 Cycles 460 V/3PH/60 Cycles
Shipping Wt. Lbs. (kilos approx.) 7500 (3375) 12300 (5535) 13000 (5850) 13000 (5850)
Outline Dimensions:
Height: inches (mm) 83" (2108.20) 80" (2032) 80" (2032) 80" (2032)
Width: inches (mm) 90" (2286) 90" (2286) 90" (2286) 90" (2286)
Depth: inches (mm) 70" (1778) 104" (2641.60) 104" (2641.60) 104" (2641.60)
Feeder-Stainless Steel (all vibratory) included included** included** included**
* Variable frequency motors
** Outside tooled
Standard thread rolling practice applies when rolling maximum part diameters and lengths.
Seller disclaims any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose whatsoever with respect to the goods being sold, and Buyer acknowledges that he is not relying on the Seller's skill or judgment to select or furnish goods suitable for any particular purpose. Warren Industries reserves the right to change product specifications without notice to the customer. Standard rolling philosophy applies to part blank dimensional data.

Your Single Source For Part Handling, Sorting And Inspection Equipment

Part Sorting Equipment:

Warren offers the broadest range of part sorting equipment and systems of any manufacturer worldwide. This equipment is designed for applications where the parts need to be sorted by major diameter from mixed batches or simply to remove non­conforming parts. Warren offers a wide range of roller sorting equipment. From the compact, portable roller sorter to the high-speed, multi-lane sorting systems, all Warren roller sorters are built to machine tool standards and designed for quick and easy setup. A wide range of options means you can have just the right equipment to meet your quality control requirements.

Warren Vision Systems - State Of The Art

High Speed Inspection Technology:

Warren offers a full range of inspection systems using state of the art, non-contact vision inspection technology to ensure 100% compliance with critical part specifications. The Warren WI-Series systems use VPM- (Vision Program Manager), integrated with high resolution video cameras to accurately inspect each part for a variety of physical specifications such as head diameter, head height, shank diameter, thread characteristics and under head height, and more.

A Full Line of Add-on Equipment to Increase Your Productivity:

In today's competitive marketplace, increased productivity and improved product quality can be the difference between keeping your customer or losing the business. Warren offers a wide variety of add-on equipment which can be added to any of the Warren thread rollers to increase productivity and increase the quality of your product.

  • Part Sorters
  • Chip Separators
  • Heavy-Duty Loaders
  • Oil Skimmers for removing tramp oil
  • Parts Washers
  • Custom Vibratory Feeders
  • Vision Inspection Systems

Whether you're using your Warren thread roller as a stand-alone machine or incorporating it with other Warren equipment for a complete "Cellular Manufacturing" system, you can always depend on Warren...The Standard in Fastener Manufacturing Technology.

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