Warren Industries' offers you 30 years of experience building a complete line of heavy-duty slotters to meet your exact manufacturing needs. Every Warren machine is designed and built for years of reliable performance in the most demanding applications. Warren Industries' slotters will improve your productivity.

Warren Screw Slotters offer:

  • Clean, burr free slot every time
  • Two standard slotting saws
  • Unique design to slot a wide variety of products

Warren's Screw Slotters incorporate two standard slotting saws. The first saw makes the initial slotting cut in the conventional cutting direction. The second saw then makes a climb cut in the opposite direction which ensures a clean, burr free slot.

Warren Shank Slotters offer:

  • Patented guide rail entry gate
  • Patented turret head clamping system
  • Positive part location

Warren's Shank Slotters exceptional design ensures that any part which is improperly positioned in the carrying dial will be discharged before clamping to eliminate problems at the slotting station. The perfection of design in our slotters gives you improved quality and increased production.

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