Factory Refurbishing

50% Below List Price!

Slotters and rollers at 50% below list price. Sound too good to be true?

OK, so you can't buy a brand new machine at half price but, you can do the next best thing... have your existing Warren machine factory refurbished.

Consider the advantages of factory refurbishing:

  • Quick turnaround, replacement parts are in stock.
  • Built by the people who built it new.
  • Same warranty as a new machine.
  • Half the cost of a new machine.

The key to the success of our program is simple. The personnel who refurbish the machines are the very same people who built them to start with. What could be better? When we receive your worn machine it is completely disassembled. All parts to be reused are inspected and parts to be replaced are discarded. It is then reassembled with the exact parts which were designed for the machine. The original specifications and tolerances are matched and the machine is test- A ed to these specifications prior to being returned. Your factory refurbished machine has the same warranty we provide with a new machine. What could be simpler?

Warren can also support your ongoing maintenance requirements by factory rebuilding of sub assemblies such as cutter heads, rams, drives and other parts.We also provide original equipment replacement parts from stock.

If you have a Warren thread roller, screw slotter or shank slotter that just isn't performing the way it used to,Warren can help you regain your production rates and lower your operating costs.


Would you like more information or a quote on refurbishing, repair or maintenance of your Warren equipment? Click here.